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The new SyncQuip has arrived!

At SyncQuip we are constantly striving to create and integrate the latest technologies into the solutions we provide our customers. In 2016, we realized that while we have kept up with the latest technology and design trends within the industry, it was time for us as a company to evolve and upgrade ourselves. Beginning in May 2016, we partnered with Omaha, NE design and development firm, Corporate Three Design, to come up with the next evolution of our brand.

As it previously stood, our logo/identity did not align with our vision and the quality solutions we provide. We needed to have a new identity that was solid, reliable, clean and crisp which would have an easily recognized stand-alone element.




We couldn’t be happier with our results. Through collaborating with C3D, we have developed a new identity that, much like our offerings, sets us apart from our competition. Our new deep gray and bright green color combination, along with a custom typeface, helps us to be a recognizable brand in a crowded space of generic typefaces and traditionally blue identities within the industry. We also have integrated the SQ icon that will be implemented throughout marketing collateral and online efforts.



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