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Project Update – Quin Global

We haven’t shared much about where we’ve been working lately, but rest assured, we’ve been working steadily!  One of the recent new construction jobs we’ve been involved in is nearing completion — Quin Global US headquarters.

Quin Global is a growing manufacturer of adhesives located right here in Omaha.  After outgrowing their current facility, they chose to build a modern new building next door.

Inside This New Construction Project

From the start, we knew this project would bring some interesting challenges. Quin Global deals with chemicals, some of which are gasses that pose risk of explosion.  So the engineers made sure the manufacturing area is fitted with explosion proof XP rated equipment, along with ventilation in case of an emergency.

Three distinct zones make up the building — each one has different needs for HVAC.  The office is pretty straightforward. Two levels make up the office, with one level being mainly for conference rooms, collaboration and refreshment areas; the other for standard office space. The warehouse is also simple, involving mainly storage space for finished product and raw goods.  The production area is where the challenge is.  It is a large open space requiring special exhaust and explosion proof systems.

The Solution

Firstly, we knew Innotech controls would be a perfect fit for the project. Second, multiple package roof top units would be necessary to serve the space.  Lastly, we knew that we’d need to pay special attention to the production area.  The solution wasn’t simple, but we’re confident it will work!

To walk you through how this all played out, we’ll start in the warehouse. First of all, in-floor radiant heating warms the entire warehouse and production area.  Then, the hot water boiler is what powers this.  We also installed a Honeywell gas detection system to help monitor air quality in the area.  Then in the office, forced air both heats and cools the space.  Eight package roof top units serve the entire building for cooling.

In addition, architects chose trendy exposed ductwork to compliment the modern industrial feel of the building.  The office is the main showcase for this work of art!

In Review

Industrial projects like this are never perfectly clear-cut. But we’ve never been disappointed with the experience!  We have enjoyed working with Midwest DCM and the team at Quin Global USA to bring this project to completion.  Here’s to years of safe and efficient manufacturing!

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