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indoor volleyball courts

Project Update #3 – The Volleyball Academy

Call it done. The 50,000 square foot facility developed for volleyball only is finally up and running.

Christened with a 54-team tournament the weekend of February 18th, the new facility had a few contractors biting their nails in hopes all would hold up as expected. It seems like we’re safe to say that almost everything went without a hitch. Work on some of the finer details continued into the next week and beyond, but substantial completion has been reached for the most part.

The Volleyball Academy building boasts an impressive HVAC setup. Here’s the muscle of it:  three 50 Ton AAON RN Series Package Heating & Cooling Units serving the gym area, a DuctSox fabric duct system, and three Lennox Industries Air Conditioning & Heating Split Systems to serve the offices, team rooms and restrooms.

Here’s thanking all those who made this high-paced project a reality!

See the finished project portfolio.

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