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construction at the water's edge church

Project Update 2: The Water’s Edge Church

Construction on the new home of The Water’s Edge Church is making strides.  This is an exciting time for the congregation of the growing church!  The end of February is the completion date for this project. If everything continues to go as planned, it looks like we’ll make that date!

On The Job

As of right now, the spiral ductwork hanging is complete.  Likewise, the exposed ductwork in the worship hall, gathering hall and children’s large group area is installed.  Also, our install team set all six Aaon units in the past month.

Up next is ceiling installation in the classrooms, which will allow us to install the grilles and diffusers.  We are also working on installing the Innotech Controls for maximum building automation.  These controls are the church’s key to energy efficiency.  Why?  Find out in this blog about cutting energy use with HVAC controls.

Check out the progress!

On Another Note…

An interesting thing I’ve learned since becoming involved in the HVAC industry is the challenge that large amounts of people bring.  During any construction project, one of the key considerations is people flow, occupied areas and the maximum potential occupancy.  One human body gives off somewhere between 300 and 500 BTUs of heat per hour.  Imagine a congregation of, let’s say, 500 people meeting for one hour.  That’s approximately 200,000 BTUs being released into a space.  Take that compared to what would typically be installed in a 2,500 square foot home for heating capacity: a furnace with the ability to produce just over 100,000 BTUs.   So it’s no wonder that even in cold weather, sometimes gathering spaces need to be cooled to be comfortable!

Find out how to make your commercial space more efficient and comfortable today. Contact us!

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