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The Volleyball Academy Units Arriving

Project Update #2 – The Volleyball Academy

Things are moving along at The Volleyball Academy.  When we got the notification a few weeks ago that there is a statewide volleyball tournament scheduled for February 18, 2017 at this new facility, you might’ve sensed a bit of apprehension at the thought of completion by that time.  The place wasn’t even climate-proof yet!

The good news is, everyone involved is cranking!  Big-time cranking!  The job site looks like a beehive of activity right now.  And the HVAC is getting closer to completion.  Just last week, we worked on setting the units.  Next up?  Ducting.  Check out our progress!

Meanwhile, the rest of the construction is humming along, with high hopes that the next month will bring project completion.  It’s been great working with you, TVA!

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