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Welcoming Industrial Air Compressors

Industrial Air Compressors …Something Pneu !

Welcome back! So despite the bad wrap 2020 is getting, this year has brought something new to Syncquip’s ever-growing line of equipment and capabilities. We welcomed industrial air compressors and pneumatic equipment on board.  Featuring the PneuTech line of industrial air compressors, we’re equipped serve your compressed air needs at the same time as we handle the HVAC!  

The two categories are a natural fit for each other. HVAC and compressed air so so intertwined…and compressed air is a whole lot simpler.  Any air conditioner uses a compressor, so to us it’s as simple as, well, an air compressor.  But our offering is far from simple.  Check it out: Compressed Air.  Our continually expanding line includes rotary screw, reciprocating  and rotary vane industrial air compressors so we can help you find your exact fit.  It doesn’t just stop at the compressed air equipment. We’re here to help you with air compressor service and installation too.

So, if you have an application for compressed air (or a currently tired out compressor), give us a shout.  Looking to keep your current industrial air compressor in tip-top shape, or add to it?  We can help with that too. See the brands we service as well.  Or browse our accessories and air treatment options.  We’re looking forward to a “pneu” adventure with you!

Get in touch today to find out more!

*PS. We’re aware of the lame humor. 

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