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Summer air conditioning efficiency tips

Improving workplace comfort & efficiency – Part 1

Are you looking for a way to become more productive?


We all need our teams operating at 100%. Performing at 99% is exceptional, but if everyone settled for that…

  • Amazon would miss fill 11,000,000 orders per year

  • 374,000 flights would go bad each year

  • Doctors would incorrectly write 42,500,000 prescriptions this year

  • The US postal service would mis-handle 4,934,000 pieces of mail every day

  • Wow… what is happening in your business?


Comfort in the workplace is an easy way to improve employee engagement & efficiency.

Increased employee engagement = increased client engagement.

Increased client engagement = long-term organizational sustainability.

Employees (your internal customer) must have their basic needs met. Safety should always be your first concern, however ensuring your employees are comfortable in your environment will allow them to work more efficiently. You may be impacting your organizational efficiency and employee’s level of engagement, if you aren’t looking after your employee’s comfort.

There are many ways comfort impacts employee engagement, directly and indirectly:

  • Discomfort is a distraction. Uncomfortable environments and clothing can slow down work processes. When employees are comfortable at work, they perform better because they aren’t focused on whatever is making them uncomfortable: whether it’s wearing uncomfortable clothing, sitting in an uncomfortable chair, or being in an environment that is too hot or too cold.
  • Comfort is caring. When a company prioritizes comfort, the employees know the company cares. If employees feel their company invests in making their jobs and lives better, they become more engaged and invest back into the company.
  • Improved comfort = increased morale. Improving comfort to a workplace can bring an overall boost of morale to your company’s culture. When people are comfortable, able to do their jobs, and feel they’re at a company that cares, this puts everyone in a better mood, improving morale overall.

What is Comfort – a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

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