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Unipipe Compressor Piping

Compressed air piping systems let you customize your compressed air solution.  Get the air where you need it, set up multiple stations or simply extend your reach with piping.  Using quality piping systems will improve efficiency, help to prevent future leaks and make the most of your compressor’s capacity.  These solutions are available as a retrofit addition to existing compressors or as part of your initial setup with a new compressor.

About Unipipe

Featuring fittings that are 5X more secure and in the widest range of sizes than any piping system. Unipipe comes in 13 sizes, from ¾ to 10”, perfect for compressed air, and also available applications like multi-fluid, vacuum, high pressure, and nitrogen systems. Unipipe has the most secure fittings. The proprietary clamp ring design gives a 360 ° connection that locks it in place and is 5 times more secure than other systems on the market.

Unipipe has the highest rated working pressure. This serves a wider range of applications including multi-fluid systems, high pressure compressed air and nitrogen systems, up to 1015 PSI. This innovative system has the widest range of pipe sizes from 3/4″ (20mm) all the way up to 10” (250mm) in diameter! This gives you more scope to complete even the largest projects with no special tools or highly skilled labor.

Installation time is generally half that of traditional piping options and a quarter of the time of copper piping! It is 75% lighter than iron pipe allowing for one man to handle the installation of systems up to 6 inches in diameter. The internal nut and dynamic gripping ring ensure there is no way to separate the pipe from the fittings. This innovative fitting is small and light, making this system one of the most powerful methods for transporting air, gases, and liquids.

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