Innotech Magellan Explorer

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Innotech Magellan Explorer

Innotech Magellan Explorer

Software / General

Magellan is an event-driven, object oriented real-time SCADA package. It provides a simple, intuitive mechanism to effortlessly design either trivial or sophisticated supervisory and control programs using a drag-and-drop approach.

Magellan eliminates the need to sift through hundreds of meaningless device addresses or protocol descriptions by displaying a graphical representation of all points available in a network of controllers.

With its drag-and-drop approach, data values can be displayed in a variety of ways.  This gives the designer more time to construct a useful and practical interface for the end-user.

Magellan is available as three separate products:

  • Innotech Magellan Builder – Combines the design package and the runtime package in one program, allowing the designer to immediately trial his design in real-time.
  • Innotech Magellan Explorer – A standalone runtime-only program for the end-user.
    • Standard: Unlimited number of points and devices
    • Lite: For projects up to 250 points
  • Innotech Magellan Bundle – Combination of both the Magellan Builder and Magellan Explorer packages.

Magellan Features

  • Event driven processing strategy for fast, efficient operation
  • True object oriented design features enabling the designer to reuse objects and designs for other projects
  • Real time operation allows new values to be displayed as soon as they change
  • Range of simple and complex control and mathematical calculations and formulae to control such things as the position or visibility state of objects.
  • Intuitive design methodology allows the designer to create a wide range of projects with minimal training
  • Seamless integration with Innotech products and devices
  • Extensive use of drag and drop methodology includes assigning data points to graphical objects
  • Wide range of built in graphical objects
  • Supports library of re-usable, user-defined objects that can be shared among Magellan users
  • No need for compilation – a project can be run immediately from within the design program
  • Multi-level access control to a limited number of users
  • Audit trail with backup file
  • Password control on user-designed library objects and projects

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