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Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance: Why it Matters

Do you have an annual HVAC preventive maintenance plan? It’s more important than you think. Let us share the ins and outs of annual HVAC preventive maintenance, so you can see the value of not putting it off any longer.

Why Is Preventive Maintenance So Important?

Preventive maintenance is purposed to keep your Commercial HVAC system running with no surprise breakdowns, maintaining occupant comfort, while operating efficiently. When’s the last time you saw your Commercial HVAC system? Uhm… so it’s easy to forget about it and neglect it. Imagine you did the same with your vehicle.

Your Commercial HVAC system is the same way. No matter how expensive the system is or what the manufacturer promises, a complicated piece of mechanical equipment is subject to breakdowns and needs repairs every so often. Reduce the incidence of repairs by keeping on top of annual maintenance.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

What return can you expect from your well-maintained HVAC system? You should consider that some benefits of regular maintenance are immediate while others prevent future problems from developing. Some of the more prominent benefits include:

Increased Comfort:

Optimized HVAC performance means consistent indoor temperatures and balanced humidity levels throughout a building with no hot or cold spots.

Validates Warranty:

It’s important to be aware that most HVAC manufacturers require proof of maintenance when a warranty claim is submitted under warranty.

Lower Energy Costs:

Commercial HVAC performs most efficiently with proper preventive maintenance. Energy-efficient performance translates into lower utility bills. HVAC consumes about half the energy in a typical building. Savings from efficient equipment operation can be substantial. A neglected system slowly loses its ability to keep your workspace comfortable at the same level of efficiency it once did.

Here is an industry expert giving a brief demonstration on the importance condenser coil cleaning. Interesting watch, enjoy…

Reduce Repairs:

Industry experts have proved annual equipment maintenance is the best insurance against service interruptions. Studies show that up to 95 percent of equipment breakdowns and HVAC repairs are directly attributable to a lack of proper preventive maintenance. By preventing future repairs, annual maintenance pays for itself.

Lower Risk of Breakdown:

It’s incredibly inconvenient when HVAC equipment breaks down on a sweltering summer afternoon or frigid winter day, right when you need your HVAC system most. The odds of this happening when you schedule inspections every year are greatly diminished.

Extend Equipment Life:

Commercial HVAC can last 20 years or more with proper preventive maintenance. Proper Commercial HVAC maintenance means that the unit gets professionally serviced and cleaned at the same time every year. Improper maintenance, also known as “run-to-failure” maintenance, is performed only after a unit has broken down completely. HVAC that nominally maintained might last seven years while “run-to-failure” system’s last for about five years max.

Safer Operation:

A failing HVAC system does more than cost a lot of money to repair; it also can endanger your staff. For instance, if the furnace develops a crack in the heat exchanger, carbon monoxide gas can escape and poison the air you breathe. Also, Commercial HVAC systems can develop a short circuit, which is a serious fire hazard if ignored.

The Sync365 Preventative Maintenance Team

With an understanding now of the importance of preventive maintenance, we encourage you to join the Sync365 Team. Your Sync365 Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement program offers the following benefits plus many more:

  • Personalized Account Team
  • Personalized Client Dashboard
  • Discounted Labor Rates
  • Priority Status, you’ll skip the line and become our immediate priority.
  • Plus many more!

Commercial HVAC maintenance is something you should take seriously. Whether your goal is to save money, protect your staff, improve efficiency or prevent breakdown, annual maintenance can help you accomplish your goals.

Fall is here, which means cold weather is just around the corner and your employees, patrons, customers and visitors will be expecting your environment to be warm and toasty.  Ready to make sure your furnace is ready for what lies ahead?

Contact us today so we can find out more about your comfort needs! 402-733-1747.

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